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Special Purpose

A special-purpose property is a property with a unique physical design, special construction materials, or a layout that particularly adapts its utility to the use for which it was built. Some examples of special purpose properties include but are not limited to:

Religious Facility
Movie Theater
Concert Hall
College Campus
Public Utility
Sports Arena
Golf Course
Gas Station
Car Wash
Amusement Park
Tennis Club
Nursing Home
Assisted Living Center
Swim Club
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Special Purpose Classes

I1 - Hospital, Sanitarium, Mental Institution I2 - Infirmary I3 - Dispensary I4 - Hospital; Staff Facility I5 - Health Center, Child Center, Clinic I6 - Nursing Home I7 - Adult Care Facility I9 - Miscellaneous Hospital, Health Care Facility J1 - Theatre; Art Type Less Than 400 Seats J2 - Theatre; Art Type More Than 400 Seats J3 - Motion Picture Theatre With Balcony J4 - Legitimate Theatre, Sole Use J5 - Theatre In Mixed-Use Building J6 - Television Studio J7 - Off Broadway Type Theatre J8 - Multiplex Picture Theatre J9 - Miscellaneous Theatre M1 - Church, Synagogue, Chapel M2 - Mission House (Non-Residential) M3 - Parsonage, Rectory M4 - Convent M9 - Miscellaneous Religious Facility N1 - Asylum N2 - Home For Indigent Children, Aged, Homeless N3 - Orphanage N4 - Detention House For Wayward Girls N9 - Miscellaneous Asylum, Home P1 - Concert Hall P2 - Lodge Room P3 - Ywca, Ymca, Ywha, Ymha, Pal P4 - Beach Club P5 - Community Center P6 - Amusement Place, Bath House, Boat House P7 - Museum P8 - Library P9 - Miscellaneous Indoor Public Assembly Q1 - Parks/Recreation Facilty Q2 - Playground Q3 - Outdoor Pool Q4 - Beach Q5 - Golf Course Q6 - Stadium, Race Track, Baseball Field Q7 - Tennis Court Q8 - Marina, Yacht Club Q9 - Miscellaneous Outdoor Recreational Facility T1 - Airport, Airfield, Terminal T2 - Pier, Dock, Bulkhead T9 - Miscellaneous Transportation Facility U0 - Utility Company Land And Building U1 - Bridge, Tunnel, Highway U2 - Gas Or Electric Utility U3 - Ceiling Railroad U4 - Telephone Utility U5 - Communication Facility Other Than Telephone U6 - Railroad - Private Ownership U7 - Transportation - Public Ownership U8 - Revocable Consent U9 - Miscellaneous Utility Property W1 - Public Elementary, Junior Or Senior High W2 - Parochial School, Yeshiva W3 - School Or Academy W4 - Training School W5 - City University W6 - Other College And University W7 - Theological Seminary W8 - Other Private School W9 - Miscellaneous Educational Facility Y1 - Fire Department Y2 - Police Department Y3 - Prison, Jail, House Of Detention Y4 - Military And Naval Installation Y5 - Department Of Real Estate Y6 - Department Of Sanitation Y7 - Department Of Ports And Terminals Y8 - Department Of Public Works Y9 - Department Of Environmental Protection Z0 - Tennis Court, Pool, Shed, Etc. Z1 - Court House Z2 - Public Parking Area Z3 - Post Office Z4 - Foreign Government Z5 - United Nations Z7 - Easement Z8 - Cemetery Z9 - Other Miscellaneous