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Development Site

We are experts in the appraisal of development sites throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Our development site appraisal experience includes prospective sites, development sites with with approvals / entitlements, and under construction projects. MAI Appraisal servicesWe leverage advanced appraisal experience, expert knowledge, accurate construction cost data, detailed market studies, feasibility analysis, and unrivaled zoning analysis skills to provide appraisal and consulting services on development sites, enablng our client to make informed real estate decision. We can provide appraisals for different assemblage scenarios, and calculate the maximum contributory value of a individual lot, group of lots, or transferable development rights to the subject development site. We provide consulting to evelopers, including but not limited to zoning analysis, absorption analysis, condo net sellout analysis, and site specific detailed analysis of the ideal zoning area use and allocation stack.

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